Saturday, 15 December 2007

take a chance on me

First, thanks for all the very positive feedback we got about our initial modest release. This was only the start, we'll be making frequent updates - the first one was already today. If you face any particular problem, please let us know.

Some questions I saw in various places:

  • can I get it to work on OS2007? Well - in principle that should be possible, as we tried to keep the code backwards-compatible with the old API. In fact, some people claim to be happy users. However, we haven't tested that recently, and there might be some missing dependencies, so YMMV. But we'll be looking into this issue.
  • I'd really like modest to do $FEATURE, but it doesn't do $FEATURE. What can I do? Well, patches/suggestions are welcome; please discuss them on our mailing list first, or put them in Maemo Bugzilla;
  • how can I replace the official client with modest? There are some adventurous people out there... Modest might replace the current client at some stage, but right now, it's not really easy to do that.
  • where can I report bugs/feature requests? Please report them in Maemo Bugzilla, and make sure you use Communication/Modest (don't use Communications/Email, that's for the stock email client). Please specificy as clearly as possible the problem, and how we could reproduce it. Some people already filed bugs there, and even better, some where already fixed!

We're working very hard on fixing bugs and making other improvements. Modest is not perfect and there are bugs. But already, I am a quite happy modest-user myself. And feel inspired by modest and Vagalume-hacker Berto, for the incredibly flattering words, especially on my birthday!


timsamoff said...

Hey, happy birthday! :)

Berto said...

Happy birthday Dirk-Jan!!

And good choice again, I like that song! ;-)

stezz said...

Today is your birthday???

Well... Buon Compleanno! :D

wahlau said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work on this... Several other clients out there, but yours is a huge step in the 'right' direction. Please continue to polish it! :)