Friday, 21 December 2007

it was a very good year

(and it's not even over yet)

The end is nigh - the shortest day of the year. Next week, I'll be spending some time in the lovely city of Amsterdam, enjoying various Christmas-related festivities. No matter how nice it is here, it will be good to leave Helsinki behind for a couple of days, and do something different.

At last, the OS2008-images have been published. A big improvement, I should say, and there should be little reason not to upgrade... One more reason to upgrade, is that you can then install modest :-) Just this afternoon, we've published updated packages. I also look forward to play with Canola2, created by those talented Brazilians. It would be even better if they could release it under the GPL, as has been suggested.

Yes¸modest... Even though our public public b├Ęta is not even two weeks old, we have a lot to look back on. It's been an incredible year, even just looking at the modest-microcosmos. I am very proud of the the team, a group of truly amazing individuals. Nevertheless, we won't rest on our laurels, and look forward. The latest release (Friday 21.12) should be the best so far, and will also be the last of 2007. As I said before, if you find bugs, or feel something is missing: please visit (component: Communication/Modest). We've already cleared up quite some of the issues that were reported - your voices are being heard! In 2008 we will return with our batteries fully recharged...

Merry Christmas to All!

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